Connecting powerful technologies with unparalleled creativity.

 Techni includes a range of bespoke technology service offerings that help teams visualize and measure space with unparalleled accuracy, and help them analyze data and designs in ways that have never before been possible. This intersection of technical and design innovation helps us develop and effectively communicate designs to our clients and their teams.


IA’s cloud-based digital space planning tool, Quanta (powered by Saltmine), transforms a traditionally time-consuming test-fit and planning process. It creates rapid, real-time collaboration with clients and stakeholders by consolidating all aspects of programming and test fitting into a single streamlined platform. Since the COVID-19 crisis, we have developed The Revived Workplace Toolkit and The Revived Public Space Toolkit, which both utilize Quanta for social distancing parameters, compliance algorithms, sanitation libraries, protocol signage and graphics, and navigation systems. Additionally, we conduct pedestrian simulations to explore how people move through a space, and how their proximity is affected by planned measures. Together with our clients, we can view in real-time and in 3D, the implications of these elements to create customized workplace and public space revival plans.

IA Analytics

IA Analytics is IA’s custom web portal for sharing and interacting with business intelligence dashboards. Live, interactive dashboards can contain various types of project data, such as benchmarking, team information, project/schedule status, and even global project impacts, like pandemic construction and delivery delays, for example. During the strategic data gathering phase of a project, IA Insight is used to collect and analyze information about how a company occupies their real estate. On-site observations and survey results are gathered through a custom iOS app, IA Survey. This pre- and post-occupancy qualitative and quantitative data, available in interactive dashboards, provides insight into how space is used today and contributes to a greater understanding of work style profiles, vacancy rates, mobility, and space efficiency, all informing design decisions.

Techni Reality Capture

Reality Capture

Reality Capture utilizes 3D laser scanning hardware and software to produce highly accurate Point Cloud models of existing site conditions. The Point Cloud data is then used to create the Revit models, versus utilizing often inaccurate CAD files. This process ensures accuracy, confidence in design and minimizes the amount of change during construction, therefore lowering cost. 

Design XR

By allowing teams to immerse themselves in their projects long before they are built, Extended Reality (XR) provides clients and stakeholders the ability to collaborate alongside our designers, participate in project studies, provide feedback, and streamline decision making. 360 Renderings and photography are also an accessible way to distribute project information, establish snapshots in time at critical milestones, and facilitate more detailed and accurate coordination with consultants and end users. Utilizing these tools and workflows as an integral part of our design practice establishes the freedom to interact with design together, manipulating furniture, experimenting with materials, and charrette together in virtual space regardless of global location.  

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