Leisure at Work?


Gaming Room Wall, San Francisco
Gaming Room Wall for a Confidential Client in San Francisco

With the July 4th holiday almost here, along with the traditional celebrations, we consider the importance of leisure time and how best to enjoy it and unwind. With leisure recognized as a requirement for wellness, many of our clients are bringing it into the workplace with a dedicated space. From arcade games to bowling and long-time favorites pool and ping-pong, a place to unwind with a little friendly competition has increasingly become a part of the workplace.

Game Room/Leisure Area in the Headquarters of our Confidential Client in San Francisco
Confidential Client, San Francisco. Photo © Eric Laignel

Dating back to the 1920s, foosball and modern versions of classic arcade games continue to attract players.

Scotiabank Digital Factory, Toronto @Doublespace Photography
Scotiabank Digital Factory, Toronto. Photo © Doublespace Photography

Ping-pong along with tic-tac-toe and other games cleverly mounted on the wall are featured in this flexible, easily rearranged game room.

The Ping Pong Arena at Sapient's Santa Monica Offices
Sapient, Santa Monica. Photo © Eric Laignel

Opening the garage door to let the outdoors in is a plus for these ping-pong enthusiasts.

Scotiabank Digital Factory, Toronto @Doublespace Photography
Scotiabank Digital Factory, Toronto. Photo © Doublespace Photography

Through the years, bowling has remained a favorite leisure activity.

LinkedIn New York's Recreation Space
LinkedIn, New York. Photo © Eric Laignel.

In this stylized, slightly surreal setting, a classic pool table invites play.

Virgin Cruises Headquarters, Plantation, Florida.
Virgin Cruises Headquarters, Plantation, Florida. Photo © Robin Hill

At Virgin Voyages a friendly game of table shuffleboard seems right on point.



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See how leisure time at the workspace is having it's renaissance.

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