DIFFA 2019 Dining by Design Fundraiser Event

IA Interior Architects is thrilled to be participating in DIFFA’s Dining by Design event at Pier 92 as part of the Architectural Digest Design Show this year, celebrating the 35th anniversary of DIFFA. Our design concept, “Past + Present + Future,” centers on the number 35 and the year 1984, when the AIDS retrovirus was identified. Since that time, we have seen a tremendous increase in awareness, education, activism, and enhanced treatments, but we still have a journey ahead.

Our dining room, one of over 20, is split in two. One side recognizes and celebrates all that has been accomplished during the past 35 years. Through the use of paste-ups, the space is clad in posters and graphics that have increased awareness of the cause since 1984.

The other side represents 35 years into the future: 2054. Here we have a blank slate. Projected on the bare wall are a variety of images that represent what the future might hold.

Located in the center of the space, our dining table and chairs are clad in mirror. The table represents the present. By reflecting the past in the present, we can better understand how to get to our ideal future.

Our dining chairs were provided by Emeco, which has also graciously donated one of their Morgans chairs, the last of the model to be produced, as an item in DIFFA’s charity auction.

We are pleased to be partnering with Island Architectural Woodwork, drive21, Humanscale, John Gallin & Son, Chemetal, and Emeco on our table. Congratulations to DIFFA on 35 years of excellence. As 2019 is also IA’s 35th anniversary, we celebrate this milestone with you and are proud to support the organization’s commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS.


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