IA Interior Architects Announces Winners of 2020 IAct Awards Program

IA Interior Architects is pleased to continually recognize extraordinary talent within the firm. During a time when everyone has faced a multitude of challenges, a program honoring individuals who achieve excellence is all the more crucial. Culture and connection are the bedrock of IA, and the award program categories of Leadership, Innovation, Service, and Rising Star reflect that. The peer-nominated annual awards program honors our professionals who truly commit to making IA such an exemplary place to work and a leader in our industry, reinforcing IA’s values of integrity, passion and dedication.

This year’s IAct Award for Leadership went to Adam Treiser, a Project Manager in the firm’s Miami office. Adam, a founding member of the Miami team, is a leader not just locally but firm-wide, collaborating on projects across multiple offices. Adam continually prioritizes mentorship and supports others tirelessly, always with a positive and approachable attitude.

“Adam embodies the definition of a true leader. He is a prime example of how the next generation will lead us into a bright future: passionate about our profession, relentless in consistently raising the bar, and 100% client-focused, always gaining their full trust,” shares Marlene Liriano, Managing Director of the Miami office and a Principal at the firm. “He is constantly willing to help and mentor his peers, which is why he is so widely admired and respected. Adam is humble, passionate, dedicated and hardworking. I could not be prouder of him! This is so well deserved.”

This year, the IAct Award for Service is being presented to Ashley Woo, a Marketing Coordinator who collaborates with all of our offices and service lines across the firm. Ashley is a dedicated, invested professional who takes on complicated projects and excels at them. She truly knows no limits when it comes to service. This year, she took the lead on our marketing efforts for the recently launched IA Space Matrix global partnership, a mammoth task that she has handled with poise and composure.

“Ashley is truly the epitome of someone who is service oriented. She continues to grow as a professional, not only taking on more responsibility when called upon, but doing so while maintaining a robust workload.  Everything she does is with a positive attitude and calm competency when under deadline pressure,” shares Katrina Reid, Managing Director of Marketing and Principal with the firm.  “Ashley embraced the opportunity to represent IA for our efforts alongside Space Matrix.  She has efficiently and with much grace led the strategy, creative conceptualizing, and implementation of many joint pursuits.  Ashley is an amazing representative of our OneIA philosophy and works tirelessly on behalf of the firm.”

The IAct Award for Innovation was presented to Holly Jeffers, a Workplace Strategist in IA’s Chicago office. Holly has been a tremendous asset to IA’s workplace strategy team for the past 13 years, and this year, she channeled her energy into developing IA’s workplace experience app, Harbor@Work. This was a huge step for the firm’s technology offerings, allowing us to expand our arsenal of how we augment our clients’ workplace experience.

“Holly has played an integral role in translating IA’s vision to bring the digital and physical workplace experience together in a seamless way.  Her commitment, resourcefulness, and ‘let’s get it done’ attitude have made the idea of a workplace experience app tailored to our clients’ needs a reality,” shares Tish Kruse, Senior Director of Workplace Strategy and a Principal with the firm.  “Holly’s ideation of all the necessary steps required to bring the app to fruition are a true reflection of her superb organizational skills and thoughtful insights on how this tool will benefit our clients.”

The 2020 IAct Rising Star Award was presented to Sarah Rogers, a Junior Designer in the firm’s Minneapolis office. As one of the newest IA offices, Minneapolis began to build their team in late 2019. Sarah has been there from the beginning, working both locally and globally on projects across the firm, always ready to collaborate with her colleagues and our clients.

“Sarah joined IA Minneapolis a little over a year ago and has been a critical part in our office’s growth and success,” notes Cassandra Griep, Managing Director of the Minneapolis office and Principal with the firm.  “Her energy, passion for design, and willingness to tackle any challenge continues to drive powerful interactions within our team and provide solutions our clients appreciate.  From day one, Sarah has exuded a collaborative spirit, jumping into projects with teams across the firm and committees including IA Reach, while working with Revit leaders and many others, all while delivering exceptional project work.  Sarah is a bright part of our office and we are lucky to have her at IA.  We couldn’t be more excited for her to receive the Rising Star Award!“

“This year has been unprecedented, and the IA team has rallied together beautifully. The hallmark of the IAct Awards is celebrating each other, and with these awards we are truly celebrating each and every person at IA. The awards are a testament to IA’s values and commitment to ever supporting our people. I am so proud of the program,” shares Brenda Plechaty, Director of Human Resources and Principal with the firm.

The awards were presented on Wednesday, November 11th during a live-streamed global event.



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