Parkway Properties | 1111 Brickell 

Miami | 23,0000 SF

Parkway Properties | 1111 Brickell

Miami | 23,0000 sq. ft.  

Project Highlights

  • Restack of floors 4-18 includes dedicated amenity,
  • conferencing, executive, trading, and technical floors
  • Consistent floorplate of space types and room configurations for all lines of businesses to ease future changes as LOBs grow and reduce
  • Dedicated or shared private offices are minimal, approximately 5% of headcount
  • Provide balance of focus, open, and closed spaces as well as shared open and closed spaces
  • Seat/SF goal is approximately 120 USF while seat sharing goals range from 1:1 up to 1:1.5 depending on the LOB’s needs
  • Summary

    Real estate investment company Parkway Properties owns, develops, and manages assets across the Sunbelt region. IA joined forces with Parkway to reinvent the interior and exterior of 1111 Brickell, a new acquisition, and create an elegant, comfortable environment that integrates existing key architectural elements.

    The lobby, a polished, inviting entry, reflects the Parkway brand’s defining sophistication and the site’s Miami location. A redesigned stair and added terrace lounge are engaging features for current/perspective clients and employees. The ease and style of a new security desk and reimagined elevator lobby are reminiscent of an upscale hotel.

    Tenants can reserve touchpoint spaces, including a library and conference room. Underlining the importance of positive lighting for productive work, existing wood panels are refinished to brighten the space. New amenities that include a coffee bar and retail opportunities attract visitor engagement, reflecting Parkway Properties’ hospitality-driven culture.

    The design features a bold exterior façade and canopy at the south entrance. The building, now tastefully conspicuous, is a proud presence in Miami.

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