The Future of Jewelry Retail

Unlocking Gen Z

HumanX by IA Retail

HumanX by IA Retail is a research initiative to transform retail design by understanding consumer needs and behaviors. Diving into different sectors, we explore industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.

In our first installment, we explore the world of jewelry retail and its potential to unlock new consumer bases.

Gen Zers are barreling down the great wealth transfer, set to spend more and earlier. But what drives them? Excites them? And how can jewelry brands break down the invisible barrier of their storefronts?

We engaged with Gen Zers and reviewed market and generational research to start the conversation.

At a Glance

Gen Zers associate jewelry stores with old-fashioned store designs, sales-focused interactions, and a sense of intimidation, otherness, and lack of belonging.

Jewelry brands have the opportunity to re-invent to remain relevant.

Ethical Storytelling

Gen Zers are placing a heightened focus on human-made jewelry in an era of automation and want to hear brands tell their stories.

Authentic Delight

Glimmers of joy and community activation through pop-ups, non-traditional store design, and customer-catered events entice Gen Zers to step over the store threshold.

Self-led Exploration

Holy grail independent thrift shop finds and archival fashion trending on TikTok unveil Gen Zer’s obsession with finding second-hand, curated, and uniquely them gems on their own. Self-guided exploration and discovery take preference over direct sales and consultation.

A Preview of the Jewelry Store of the Future

Breaking down entry thresholds through digitally enabled, curation-led displays; inviting long-term loyalty with makerspaces geared for events

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