The COVID-19 Response Landscape

Many end-users have fully-mapped out plans of how they plan on returning to the office, while others are still in a holding pattern, waiting for more information. Some have already made sweeping changes to the workplace to compensate for entirely new work models, some are simply waiting for the workplace to return to the way it was, and a number of organizations fall somewhere in the middle. How do these behaviors vary by industry? How will space utilization be affected? How will individual work station size be impacted? 

We're asking end-users to complete this survey so that we can find these answers and more, and providing advanced access to our findings to participants. We ask that only those who can accurately speak to their organization's workplace strategy participate so that we can share the most accurate information across the industry, and answer the question that many are starting to ask: how did others respond? 

By Robert Atkinson | Project Manager, AssociateThis week is Earth Week 2021, and it is built around the theme Restore our Earth. Through a series of activities, talks, and initiatives, the week is intended to raise awareness of humanity’s interconnectedness to natural systems. By doing so, it aims to offset the worst excesses of climate …continued.

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As institutions around the world adopted remote work with varying levels of success, a large number of them made it clear that they intend to make it a part of their work model beyond 2021. The challenge these organizations face, however, is balancing the efficiency and creativity inherent in in-person collaboration, with the benefits that …continued.

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