A Changed World: What Happens When We Return to the Office?


Erik Lucken


Raj Gupta, Sarah Brophy, IIDA, LEED AP, Jenya Orloff Adler, and Jeremy P. Moultrup

For most organizations, combating COVID-19 is forcing a real-time exploration of an entirely new way of working. While some may have had flexible work strategies in place, to have a workforce that is geographically distributed in its entirety is largely unprecedented. There is no silver lining to a catastrophic event like a global pandemic, and yet we have to figure out ways to learn and grow from what we’re collectively experiencing. On April 17th, 2020, IA met with industry experts to discuss this topic and share the results of IA's client survey during a live webinar panel discussion.

Erik Lucken

Strategy Director | IA Interior Architects

For the last decade Erik has studied the intersection of business performance and workplace environments, focused on the design imperative to support both how and why people work today. Leveraging both quantitative and qualitative research, Erik has published insights on critical workplace drivers such as mobility, wellbeing, and workforce demographics.

Jenya Adler

Director of Workplace Transformation and Employee Experience | PepsiCo

As Director of Workplace Transformation and Employee Experience, Jenya’s mission is to support leaders to elevate their brand as an extension and expression of their physical space, values, and workplace culture. She supports internal customers and employees to create spaces that provide a high impact employee and customer experience while helping the business achieve its goals. Core to Jenya's success is her ability to activate an effective change management process that integrates an organization’s culture into their physical space.

Jeremy Moultrup

Co-Founder & CEO | Pangeam Inc.

Jeremy spent nearly a decade focused on international corporate real estate and architectural services before founding Pangeam. Jeremy is a Chapman University graduate with experience in architecture, interior design, workplace strategy, product design, and software development. He started his career in architecture leading the special projects team responsible for corporate workplace design. During his tenure in architecture, Jeremy developed his vision for Pangeam; a behavior-data driven platform that works to fundamentally change the way we design, work, and interact in the built environment.

Sarah Brophy, IIDA, LEED AP

Design Director | IA Interior Architects

Sarah has 15 years of experience working on a wide range of projects types including high end hospitality, higher education, civic and corporate interiors. She has experience in all phases of design,developing spaces from the user experience perspective.. Sarah’s primary areas of expertise include global workplace strategy and guidelines, planning, design direction and oversight, and sustainability and wellness initiatives. The last several years of Sarah's career have been focused on corporate interiors and the evolution of workplaces for global companies including Rapid7, Sonos, Timberland, State Street, and iRobot.

Raj Gupta

Executive Chairman | ESD

As executive chairman of ESD, Raj leads the company's mission to Improve Society Through the Built Environment. He works on long-term initiatives to support the company’s future, including the expansion of career development paths for employees, promotion of the ESD brand, and corporate governance. He champions ESD's embrace of globalization and positions the firm to compete in the digital economy. He nurtures ESD’s unique culture and advances its values: respect everyone, work hard and play to win.

@iaarchitects hosts a webinar discussing the return to the workplace in the post-COVID-19 world.

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