High-Performance Remote Work Culture


Helen Watts and Andrea DiIeso

Remote teams are something of an anomaly for workplace experience managers. Without access to on-site amenities, events, or in-person communication, teams face a wide array of challenges when trying to cultivate a high-performance organizational culture among all users.

Since the majority of organizations are now having to rely on remote work to continue operations, this conversation is more timely than ever. We speak with experts Helen Watts and Andrea DiIeso, who take a look at recent research and case studies to examine why fostering the right workplace culture is so important, and consider creative ways that some organizations are using to bring their people together.


Managing Director | IA Interior Architects

Helen Watts serves as IA's first in command at our flagship office in Los Angeles. Holding a Bachelor of Social Science degree from University Natal, Helen has guided IA projects around the globe, developing experience in a wide array of industries along the way, but especially in the realms of entertainment, technology, and government spaces.


Senior Workplace Experience Manager | Rapid7

Andrea leads the global workplace team at Rapid7 on strategic and operational activities, focusing on establishing a productive and engaging workspace for employees and guests. With the pandemic removing the ability to do this in person, her goals have shifted to focus on recreating positive aspects of the workplace experience for remote workers as well as preparing the offices for the next re-entry stage. 

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