A Welcoming Reception


A Collection of a Few of Our Favorite Reception Areas

The reception area at most companies is a very welcoming space. It has the ability to act as much more than a transitional place of respite for visitors; in most cases it is the first opportunity to interact with a company and its brand. Layouts and furniture arrangements vary with each company, but at its core a reception area should be inviting and comfortable while leaving a lasting first impression. Here are a few favorite reception areas our teams have helped clients create over the years.

Confidential Client

Confidential Client. Image © Hall + Merrick

At this confidential client’s headquarters, a geometrically-pleasing reception desk is complimented by the warm earth tones from the back wall and a one-of-a-kind global display on the adjacent wall. The city skyline provides visitors with sweeping views, as well.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages headquarters. Photo © Robin Hill.

With one of the more unique reception desks you’ll see, Virgin Voyages headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL is impressive. Visitors are met with signature Virgin brand colors immediately upon stepping off the elevators, and it continues into the front entrance. A stack of TV displays allow visitors to learn more about the company as they wait.

Jet.com - Salt Lake City

Jet.com Salt Lake City Customer Service Center

Jet.com in Salt Lake City. Image © Frank Ooms

At Jet.com’s customer service center in Salt Lake City, visitors are welcomed with the impressive views of the surrounding landscape as well as a splash of Jet’s identifiable brand colors.

Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists. Image © Josh Partee

For a company with reception in its name, the reception area at Ruby Receptionists does not disappoint. Stepping off the elevator reveals  impressive lighting along with an EGD display that speaks to Ruby’s brand image.

LinkedIn - San Francisco

LinkedIn office in San Francisco. Image © Eric Laignel.

As a well-known social media destination for professionals, LinkedIn’s logo is instantly recognizable. Which makes the use of LinkedIn’s logo and branding in its San Francisco office all the more defining and seamless. Guests have multiple areas to relax and appreciate the branding in this friendly reception area.

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