Look Up!

@Brandon Stengel Photography

As a design element, the ceiling can make a powerful statement—figuratively or literally. What do we mean? A few examples illustrate our point.

Chicago Metaphor

Multiple design elements at Chicago-based real estate developer Sterling Bay’s headquarters emphasize the firm’s embrace of the city. At the ceiling, a cluster of hexagonal gold tubes of varying length suspended from a mesh grid are a metaphor for the city’s skyline and grid.

Sterling Bay | Chicago, IL


The Ceiling as Sky, Sunnyvale, CA

A custom ceiling along a main circulation path connecting the buildings at this complex simulates the circadian rhythm of light seen through clouds during the day.

Confidential Client

Marco Zecchin/Image Center

Game On

DraftKings is the leading global platform for fantasy sports and sports betting. At its headquarters café, neon lighting at the ceiling that can match the colors of more than 400 different teams takes the form of a football field. Hash marks on the floor mark the field; a large lit DraftKings logo is at center ceiling.

DraftKings | Boston, MA

@Robert Benson Photography

Autumn at the Ceiling

Color palettes that mirror the four seasons reference natural patterns and tones as you move through this work environment. Here the rich hues of autumn are the focus, the ceiling setting the pace.

Confidential Client | Paris, France

Photography @Benjamin Genet

Inspiration at the Ceiling

Large-scale graphics at Humana’s flagship fitness center celebrate the compelling energy of people working out, with an emphasis on holistic health and a commitment to attracting and inspiring participants at all levels of interest in fitness. Signage includes instruction and words of encouragement—some embedded in the ceiling.

Wel at Humana Fitness | Louisville, KY


The Ceiling as MAP

Digital artwork by local creatives printed on acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling mitigate sound and characterize London’s five boroughs, each with its unique multi-cultural offerings that make the city lively, diverse, and distinctive. Together, the panels form a map of London. Running across the ceiling, a lighting fixture referencing the River Thames imitates the river’s flow through the movement of light and customizable colors. The work of five artists, one for each borough, creates an authentic sense of place and community that extends beyond the work environment.

Confidential Client | London, UK

Photography @ed_reeve

Moniker at the Ceiling

At the company’s state-of-the-art workplace for its video game and entertainment business, a custom white neon lighting fixture spells out Tencent, enhanced by a two-story wall of dichroic glass for a shifting, unpredictable display of color.

TenCent America | Playa Vista, CA