IA Interior Architects Exhibiting at Shoptalk 2016 in Vegas

IA Interior Architects is pleased to announce it will be showcasing services and projects at the Shoptalk Conference in Las Vegas May 15 to 18. This is the inaugural year of Shoptalk, which is billed as the “tech event for nextgen commerce” and features keynotes from leading CEOs and entrepreneurs, including several IA clients such as Jet.com, Combatant Gentlemen, Raise, and Ulta. With many e-commerce companies looking to develop brick-and-mortar showrooms and workplaces, IA collaborates with its clients to develop programming, brand positioning, concept development, and implementation.

IA Global Project Director of Retail Anthony Simon states “There have been fundamental shifts in how we live, work, shop, eat, socialize. As architecture and design professionals that cater to creating environments that foster this behavior, we must continue to push our boundaries in our process.”

While at Shoptalk, IA will engage attendees with live VR demonstrations showing multiple retail environments and how IA leverages data in the virtual environment. IA has established itself in the design and architectural industry as a leader in the utilization of such experiential technology, through the full lifecycle of a project. Through a Revit-based platform, visitors can experience the benefits of VR as it applies to the client’s business model; bringing cost, time and “visioning” efficiencies to projects and our clients.

“As our clients have interacted and responded to the tools of VR, we have seen how useful it is in breaking down barriers in architecture and design, bridging the divide between the concept and the finished project,” Guy Messick, IA’s director of design intelligence, states. “We discovered from the first VR demonstration that this technology was not simply a visualization tool, but a significant change in how our clients, and their customers, interact with design and place. Simply put: It changes everything.”

Shoptalk occurs May 15-18th, at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. http://shoptalk.com/
If you’re in Vegas for the show, come visit us at booth #1219.