Redefining Global Design & Delivery


From Left to Right: David Bourke, Co-CEO & President, IA; Arsh Chaudhry, CEO, Space Matrix; Tom Powers, Co-CEO & President, IA

IA Interior Architects + Space Matrix form a global consortium.

IA Interior Architects and Space Matrix are thrilled to announce that they have come together in a Strategic Partnership where two of the largest global design firms focused on interiors have joined forces to provide unparalleled design services and capabilities to serve our clients. This partnership will include shared resources in a “Global Studio” with dedicated professionals, technologies, and expertise, all focused on innovation and designing leading-edge interiors. The Global Studio connects over 1,400 professionals across 37 locations spanning the globe, allowing our firms to serve our clients on 6 continents, in more than 60 countries, and in over 500 cities. “Both of our firms have a similar vision, complementary values, and a shared passion for interiors. That is what made this consortium the perfect fit – in reviewing our business, we had identified a gap in our capabilities to serve the APAC market. Partnering with Space Matrix gives us the strongest platform to expand and bring our collective passion to this new market,” shares David Bourke, IA’s Co-CEO/President. “Our partnership creates a global platform that is unmatched in the industry. Our clients look to us to create experiential workplaces that help increase productivity and improve employee retention. That’s a big responsibility and hence for us, alignment was key. Alignment in core values and a culture of excellence, and we found all of those in IA not just at the leadership level but across the firm,” said Arsh Chaudhry, CEO Space Matrix. IA and Space Matrix are forward-looking firms. We will be completing projects, sharing research, and hosting joint think tanks, all in an effort to expand our collective expertise and drive innovation.


The largest architectural firm in the world focused on interiors, IA’s goal has always been to improve lives through visionary design and innovation. Since 1984, we have been translating client goals, brand, and culture into environments built around people, processes, technologies, and business drivers. As architects, designers, strategists, and environmental specialists, we align business strategies and core values with the dynamic use of space. We are employee-owned, and our professionals are highly invested in the firm and clients. Through our integrated services, we work alongside our clients to resolve complex issues and design innovative, user-centric environments where people thrive.

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Founded in 2001, the design practice of Space Matrix has evolved into a dynamic, agile, 21st century digital enterprise; a design consultancy that specialises in workplace design. We have a unique client focus that creates and delivers profitable, sustainable and future-ready workplace solutions. With project experience in over 80 cities, our continuing mission is to revolutionise the delivery of design and build services in both Asia and globally. Teamwork, Integrity, and Excellence guide our selection of clients, relationships with business partners, the recruitment of team members, and the delivery of services.

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