Rapid7 Global Account 

Multiple Locations | 8,000 - 150,000 SF

Rapid7 Global Account

Multiple Locations | 8,000 - 150,000 sq. ft.  

  • The reception area at Rapid7's Dublin office
  • Gaming area and social space at Rapid7's Dublin office.
  • The reception area and lobby of Rapid7 Toronto
  • The café and bar space at Rapid7's
  • Rapid7's Austin's lounge and pantry space.
  • Rapid7's Austin's lounge and pantry space.

Project Highlights

  • Firmwide roll-out of the "Workplace of the Future" initiative
  • Balance between a technology company and refined, professional services firm
  • Spaces connect brand and culture by supporting creative disruption through an organic workplace
  • Activity-based work with group and heads-down areas away from desks
  • "The Audacious Workplace" design concept utilizes Rapid7's global guidelines
  • Multiple employee satisfaction rankings from Leesman Index globally and nationally
  • Work completed across a global portfolio including sites in Arlington (VA), Austin (TX), Belfast (UK), Dublin (IRE), Los Angeles (CA), Reading (GBR), & Toronto (ON)
  • Awards


    Rapid7, a leading provider of analytics and automation solutions for security and IT professionals, has worked closely with IA globally for over since 2013. Rapid7 was conceived by its three founders in 2000 as they rode the number 7 New York subway; the company’s name references not only their aha moment, but also a focus on the information super highway. Since then, IA has partnered with Rapid7 on its headquarters and multiple global offices.

    In 2014 IA completed Rapid7's 45,000 square-foot headquarters in Boston, MA. In 2017 IA's core team began developing its "Workplace of the Future" initiative. In addition to formalizing the company's neighborhood and activity-based workplace settings into global guidelines, an "Audacious Workplace" design concept was incorporated with graphic and materiality flexibility to align with each location's culture.

    While beginning the design process for Rapid7's new, 150,000 square-foot Boston headquarters in 2017, the core team simultaneously implemented the new guidelines into regional offices globally with local IA offices and alliance partners as boots-on-the-ground support. All locations take cues from a dynamic culture, global guidelines, and site location. With an industrial feel, the overall designs connect teams, brand, culture, and location and speak to the vibrant spirit of Rapid7’s employees and mission.

    Shared themes are apparent globally, such as the One Moose mascot that represents all achievements and successes are the result of a team—derived from the singular and plural grammatical use of moose. Global offices also feature elevator lobby murals with the moose amid local icons and destinations. This consistent graphic language ties together company-wide and local culture.

    Universal desk types are also used globally, as well as a neighborhood layout concept with adjacent "cage" huddle areas. Each department—sales, IT, marketing, development, research, etc.—functions in its own unique way within assigned workspace neighborhoods that allow for more active groups to be separate from more focused, heads-down tasks.

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