Signs, Symbols, and Wayfinding

Wayfinding Map in Barcelona

Confidential Client, Barcelona. Photography © Jose F. Parreño. 

Although essential for wayfinding, maps and city grids are often arresting design features. As design elements they can reinforce culture, strengthen sense of place, celebrate success, elicit interaction, and enhance aesthetics. Here are a few of our favorites.

Topographic Map in Toronto

A white on white topographic map of Toronto adds texture and interest. LinkedIn, Toronto. Photography © Eric Laignel.

EGD Map in's Headquarters

With fun facts and statistics, Match celebrates global success. Match Headquarters, Dallas, Texas. Photography © Thomas McConnell.

A biophilic map in Barcelona

A moss background with a lit city grid speaks to place and biophilia. Photography © Jose F. Parreño. Confidential Client, Barcelona.

Jamba Juice, Frisco, Texas.

The Jamba Juice appeal is global with over 868 locations around the world. Jamba Juice Headquarters, Frisco, Texas. Photography © Thomas McConnell.

A journey map in LinkedIn's San Francisco office.

Join with colleagues; mark the destination of a recent journey. LinkedIn, San Francisco. Photography © Eric Laignel.

A city grid map in Charlotte.

A grid of the city anticipates arrival. Tresata, Charlotte, NC. Photography © Monica Slaney.

Enlarged map at Kilroy Realty.

Enlarged and abstract, location becomes a design element. Kilroy Realty, San Francisco. Photography © Sherman Takata.

Cork map at Cape Town

Corks serve as a playful map material identifying points of connection at this Cape Town tech office. Confidential Client, Cape Town, South Africa. Photography © Adam Letch.