Since our firm’s inception, IA’s focus has been on how the practice of interior design can positively impact our communities, creating environments where everyone thrives. To commemorate our 40th anniversary, we will honor this concept by focusing on how design has and continues to build community locally, nationally, and globally. During our year-long celebration, we will release thought-provoking research explorations, hold local and global events, and launch compelling brand activations. Join us on this journey for a look into how IA will be looking Forty Forward in 2024.

At our core, IA is a creative firm. We acknowledge and celebrate the value of design in creating communities that thrive. For our 40th, IA will be launching a brand activation with FYOOG + Experiential Design, to be debuted in the Fall.

Always seeking to move the needle forward, IA actively invests in innovative design and technology. Throughout the year, IA will be publishing articles, blog posts, and whitepapers that explore the intersection of design and technology, and how it positively impacts our communities. We’ll also be sharing updates on a host of new tools we’re adding to our technology arsenal.

This year, as in all years, we’ll be investing in our local and global communities through our philanthropic committee, IA Reach. In honor of our 40th, we're partnering with Boys and Girls Club globally on an exciting variety of initiatives. In addition, each IA studio will be choosing another organization in their local community to collaborate with.

IA prioritizes the creation of equitable spaces for our communities that are both resilient and sustainability-forward, and we appreciate the urgency of the global climate situation. For our 40th year, we’ll be honoring and expanding our current sustainability commitments, with some exciting announcements to come soon.