T-Mobile Experience Stores 

Multiple Locations | 10,000 SF

T-Mobile Experience Stores

Multiple Locations | 10,000 sq. ft.  

  • T-Mobile Plano's retail location logo
  • The retail floor of T-Mobile's Plano location.
  • Interactive EGD Display
  • Guests visit a T-Mobile Experience Center
  • T-Mobile experience center
  • Each t-mobile location is approximately 10,000 square feet

Project Highlights

  • A customer first, occasion-based shopping platform
  • Evolution from transactional to experiential with a casual, guest-focused ambiance
  • A variety of seating options offer choice, community, and comfort
  • Designed to easily and efficiently adapt for future products and services
  • Personalization etching station allows customers to design their phone covers and pop sockets
  • Revitalized exterior features an outdoor patio with seating and games



T-Mobile's Experience Stores are approachable, occasion-based shopping platforms designed to meet customers on their terms. IA is currently engaged with T-Mobile to design and deliver a variety of new store environments nationally. The Experience Stores offer spaces where customers can browse, learn, and be inspired. From a branding perspective, the new stores mark the evolution from a transactional to an experiential format with a warm, casual, guest-focused ambiance. Typically located in robust suburban areas, experience stores enable discovery, service, and connection between consumers and T-Mobile experts and products.

At the Plano, TX Experience Center, visually identifiable zones invite exploration and provide intuitive navigation. A variety of seating options offer choice, community, and comfort, with a hospitality vibe. At the Launchpad, new products, brands, and features are introduced. Other attractions include a Fast Lane for quick, convenient transactions, an interactive motion sensor display, gaming stands, a personalization etching station, and tabletop screens that allow for easy comparative shopping.

Flexible systems allow the store to easily and efficiently adapt for future products and services. Plug-in lighting and magnetic walls allow for changing displays and unique merchandising, and open bookcases that define space and can swivel 90 degrees to reimagine the store layout.

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