Mastercard Tech Hub 

New York City | 214,000  SF

Mastercard Tech Hub

New York City | 214,000 sq. ft.  

  • Lobby at the IA-designed MasterCard Tech Hub
  • Technology-enabled workplace designed in New York City
  • A staircase connects two floors at the NYC Technology Hub of Mastercard designed by IA Interior Architects
  • Staircase at the New York City technology hub of IA Interior Architects
  • Biophilic elements in the workplace of MasterCard's NYC Tech Hub
  • Collaboration space at IA Interior Architects
  • NYC Collaboration zone
  • A locker and cafe space at MasterCard's New York City tech hub
  • Casual collaboration zone at a NYC office
  • A New York City, culture-infused work area
  • MasterCard meeting room in New York City by IA designers and architects
  • MasterCard's New York City technology hub

Project Highlights

  • Consolidation of Mastercard NYC offices into one 11-story building
  • Frictionless, inclusive, sophisticated, and forward-looking experience
  • Three client-facing floors including the Customer Experience Center
  • Employee wellbeing is supported through amenities such as bike storage, lockers, showers, gender neutral restrooms, wellness rooms, mother’s rooms, game rooms, and a roof-top terrace
  • Integrated technology includes large-screen campaign walls, touchscreen displays, wireless chargers and connectivity, and digital bulletin boards
  • Benched work neighborhoods allow engineers to implement overhead, power-driven, retractable screens when greater privacy is needed
  • Project on track to receive LEED and Fitwell certification as well as ICAP abatement
  • Awards


    Mastercard’s new 11-story, 214,000-square-foot tech hub in New York is a consolidation of Mastercard’s multiple NYC offices, designed to realize the client’s goal for a frictionless, inclusive, sophisticated, and forward-looking experience. The new workplace connects to the larger New York community, another project objective, through graphic references to the city and a high-tech aesthetic that creates a cohesive visual language, drawing on Mastercard’s new branding guidelines and color palette.

    The experience begins at two lobbies, one for guests, the other for employees. A frictionless, digital guest reception on the 10th floor, casual, with a hospitality feel, features a coffee bar with barista and a concierge equipped with iPad for check-in—as well as stunning views of the city through floor-to-ceiling windows. At the employee entrance, biometric turnstiles minimize the security presence, also part of Mastercard’s frictionless approach. The second-floor lounge and multipurpose room is used for all-hands meetings and converts to three rooms via folding walls.

    Client-facing floors two, 10, and 11 focus on partnerships and the company’s global reach. At the second floor Customer Experience Center, which includes a tech bar, Mastercard showcases its latest products, technologies, and interactive features. The boardroom is “hackable” for additional uses, featuring flexible furniture, white board, and AV solutions. Overall, integrated technologies on all floors—wireless sharing and charging, large screen campaign walls, touchscreen displays, and electronic bulletin boards, to name a few—underline the company’s focus.

    On the typical floors, benched workstation neighborhoods allow engineers to utilize overhead, power-driven, retractable screens when greater privacy is needed, continuing the frictionless theme. Furniture is easily reconfigured and includes bean-bag chairs that suggest a more at home collaborative environment. There are quiet zones, meeting room pavilions, team rooms with demountable partitions, office fronts with digital scheduling, and a blackbox room for bespoke presentations using any type of technology and furniture setting. Employee wellbeing and inclusivity is supported through amenities such as bike storage, lockers, showers, gender neutral restrooms, wellness rooms, mother’s rooms, game rooms, and a roof-top terrace with city views.

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